Adventures in Writing // Write Club

Often times with writing and writers, people can be made to feel like they’re doing it wrong, or that they shouldn’t speak about it because it’s odd; because who in their right minds wants to write books for a living, let’s take the words of my mother “there’s no job security in that” and she’s right. There’s a lot of things people  do to make you feel crap about what you love, but that should spur you on, it does with me!

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5 Reasons for Writers to Blog!

BlogThis is my second blog; I decided that I would transition over to WordPress because my life wasn’t difficult enough already.

I’ve been hearing good things about WordPress blogs, and after allowing my main blog to remain dormant for a few months, I figured that this was the natural progression. (Let’s hope I made the right decision; I’m sure I’ll tell you either way.) On with the 5 reasons!

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